ArabPlast (ArabPlast)

Physical Exhibition
Wed, Dec 13 2023 - Fri, Dec 15 2023
Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai
"International Trade Show for Plastics, Petrochemical, Packaging & Rubber Industry"
ArabPlast, the largest trade expo for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry in the Mena region, is set to bring together key players and experts in the sector from around the world in Dubai. The trade expo shall showcase innovative ideas, technologies and new products in the widespread sectors of plastics, petrochemicals and rubber viz. plastic machinery, plastic/rubber processing technology, pre and post-processing systems, plastic packaging technology, injection moulding, blow moulding, wrapping technology, extrusions, chemicals and additives, semi-finished goods, engineering plastics and plastic products, and more.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai UAE


A MUST TO ATTEND EVENT - Petrochemicals, the bloodstream of the Middle East

The ArabPlast invites industry specialists to a unique and lucrative opportunity to showcase nuances of advancement in innovations and, cutting edge technologies from the world over.

Spanning over years, ArabPlast is an exclusive event for Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging and Rubber Industry.

Be ready now for the wave of expansion as it gets underway in the Middle East with plastics and chemicals accounting for the largest share of global crude demand growth by 2030!!


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