Annual Electric Vehicles Battery Tech

Annual Electric Vehicles Battery Tech (BATTERY TECH)

Physical Exhibition
Wed, Aug 17 2022 - Thu, Aug 18 2022
Crowne Plaza Hannover Hanover
The BATTERY TECH Exhibition & Conference is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest in battery technologies for the automotive sector. Attending this conference will enable you to Understand the current market dynamics of electric vehicles and the impact on your business, Learn how to develop strategies for successful battery integrations in electric vehicles and etc.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Hinüberstraße 6, 30175 Hannover, Germany Hanover, Germany


The Premier Forum for Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Welcome to the European BATTERY TECH 2022 Exhibition and Conference, where electric vehicle battery technology innovators will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Stuttgart, Germany, to explore new battery technologies and battery management systems for use in next-generation electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

The world’s fleet of electric vehicles grew to over 5 million units in 2020. There will be enough electric cars on the road for every person in Germany in just over a decade, as electric vehicle ownership is estimated to reach 100 million units by 2030. Europe and China posted the largest electric vehicle growth rates, with electric vehicle sales more than doubling from the previous year.

Spurred by policies that encourage drivers to purchase clean-running cars, the uptake of electric vehicles is still primarily driven by the policy environment. The top 10 leading countries in electric vehicle markets all have a range of policies to promote electric cars, with Europe and China being the biggest takers. For China, credits and subsidies will help EVs grow to account for more than a quarter of the car market by 2030. Meanwhile, tightening emissions standards and higher fuel taxes in Europe will boost electric vehicles.

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