Metrol Expo - Precision Measurement - Fundamentals of Quality and Safety

Metrol Expo - Precision Measurement - Fundamentals of Quality and Safety (Metrol Expo)

Physical Exhibition
Sat, May 20 2023 - Sat, May 20 2023
VDNH Expo Moscow
Metrol Expo is the exhibition of measuring instruments, testing equipment and metro logical support. It will present the latest developments in the field of instrumentation from major Russian and foreign manufacturers. Joint exhibitions on related subjects in the field of measuring instruments allow visitors to get a unique opportunity to quickly find solutions for the whole range of issues related to equipping and upgrading their own instrument base with the most modern, accurate and informative measurement technologies and equipment.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
VDNH Estate 119 Prospect Mira Moscow Russian Federation 129223


Held in Moscow in May 2023 in accordance with Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 541-r of April 5, 2014. The 18th Moscow Innovation Forum - Exhibition "Precision Measurement - Fundamentals of Quality and Safety / MetrolExpo - 2023" is planned for World Metrology Day on May 20.

Traditionally, leading Russian companies and reliable foreign partners will take part in the exhibition, presenting new developments in the field of instrumentation: measuring instruments and metrology support, instrumentation and automation, control and diagnostics, test and analysis equipment, industrial automation. The relevant topics in each section of the exhibition will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to quickly find solutions to a wide range of issues related to equipping and upgrading their own surveying base and its means of metrological support. Given the external challenges and constraints, the system of contacts established over the years with manufacturers of measuring instruments and metrology support could be severely disrupted. Today, it is particularly important to strengthen regional cooperation, establish contacts with reliable foreign suppliers, and realize the transition of domestic production enterprises to import substitution development as soon as possible.

Organizers plan to bring together more than 3,000 professional experts in one venue. Everyone attending the MetrolExpo -2023 event will have the opportunity to meet in person and have a direct conversation. One of the main tasks of the organizers of the exhibition is to popularize the metrology service activities of industrial enterprises and the profession of metrology, and to demonstrate their contribution to the economic benefits and quality management system of enterprises.

Within the framework of the Forum, Youth Days are planned – a series of open events for students of higher education institutions preparing to become metrology scientists, aiming to bring together future professional staff and employers. Participation in the forum, which includes not only the exhibition, but also the extensive congress programme, is an important link in a package of measures to ensure the quality and safety of process and finished products.

The forum's business plan is to be an authoritative all-Russian conference in the field of ensuring measurement consistency, where representatives of the scientific and technological community, business and state regulators discuss current issues facing Russian industry. The business programme is hosted at leading metrology and research institutes as well as higher education institutions. Traditionally, the participants of the exhibition will receive the All-Russian competition project "For the Unity of Measurement", which is the gold medal of the exhibition. Measuring instruments, testing, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, confirmed to have high metrological properties based on the results of inspections, awarded gold medals and exhibition certificates, as well as the right to use images of medals in marking products or their certificates.

The exhibition aims to be a powerful springboard for revitalizing domestic instruments for economic security and future non-resource development in the country. We believe that, with the assistance of Rosstandart, the forum and exhibition in 2023 will bring together all the experts in the instrument manufacturing industry under a single MetrolExpo brand and will help to improve the economics of investing in corporate marketing budgets at the exhibition, actively promoting Measuring instruments and measuring equipment for key industries.

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