Nanoscale Multilayers for EUV and X-Ray Applications

Nanoscale Multilayers for EUV and X-Ray Applications (Nanoscale Multilayers for EUV and XRay Applications)

Physical Exhibition
Mon, Jan 11 2021 - Mon, Jan 11 2021
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Virtual Exhibition
Mon, Jan 11 2021 - Mon, Jan 11 2021
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OSA meetings are forums where the optics and photonics community comes together to exchange ideas and information. EUV and X-ray are at the shortest wavelength region of light spectrum. They have the advantages of high spatial resolution, chemical sensitivity, and large penetration depth. Imaging and spectroscopy techniques based on this wavelength region provide powerful tools for manufacture and observation at nanometer scale and probe the electron characteristics at the inner shell level. Sixteen Members of The Optical Society will be inducted into the National Academy of Inventors, a professional association comprised of over 4,000 members and Fellows whose inventions impact “quality of life, economic development and the welfare of society”. OSA’s mission is to promote the generation, dissemination, and application of knowledge in optics and photonics. OSA serves the global community through content and events that are authoritative, accessible, and archived, and through its education, advocacy and outreach programs.

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