The Foodeshow

The Foodeshow (The Foodeshow)

Physical Exhibition
Tue, Mar 09 2021 - Fri, Mar 12 2021
Global online Global Online
Virtual Exhibition
Tue, Mar 09 2021 - Fri, Mar 12 2021
Organizer :
"Connect - Adapt - Engage"
The Foodeshow is a platform to connect and engage ventures and communities in the food industry ecosystem to explore new ideas, discover creative models and  innovative concepts to shape your future. Free foods- Frozen goods - Grain products and pastas - Herbs, spices and seasonings - Honey and apicultural products - Mineral water and non - alcoholic beverages. Exchange and network with potential customers, suppliers and partners from all over the world and discover a new  digital and modern event experience from home or office.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Global online


The foodeshow is a virtual boutique food show designed to foster unique opportunities and authentic connections for businesses from over 100 countries. The foodeshow is led by its co-founders, Jalal Benbrahim and Heuda Guessous, to tackle the challenges and needs of organizations operating in the food business.

Early on, Jalal and Heuda have met in a food event organized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2017. They have discussed potential collaborations between their companies, Wink Consulting, and Greativa Consulting Group. Their vision has been about changing the way people did business. The idea has been placed in the back burner until the opportunity presented itself in 2019. Since then, they engaged in multiple successful projects in Morocco and abroad.

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