VDV Electric Buses Conference and Trade Fair ElekBu

VDV Electric Buses Conference and Trade Fair ElekBu (VDV Electric Buses Conference and Trade Fair ElekBu)

Physical Exhibition
Tue, Jul 12 2022 - Wed, Jul 13 2022
Estrel Berlin Berlin
The bus market is facing a radical transformation. The EU and the federal government are driving change. Their goal: to make the mobility of tomorrow fossil-free. To this end, various instruments, regulations and laws are currently being modified at the same time. As technology advances at a rapid pace, transport companies are forced to make significant and long-term investments amid uncertainty. In addition, there is the unanswered question of the national implementation of the Clean Vehicles Directive. One thing is clear: the decade of the e-bus – whether battery-electric or fuel cell – has begun.

Transport companies therefore have to make many fundamental decisions. Because the procurement of new buses is not enough: New systemic approaches are required for the conversion to electrical energy in the form of a battery or hydrogen. Tank and loading concepts, depot design, storage and IT systems for disposition, taking into account the range or tank and loading capacities, must be designed. A new place has to be found, new security areas have to be identified, the staff has to be retrained. It is therefore high time to exchange experiences on operational and technical implementation, the latest developments, successfully introduced processes - maybe also mistakes - as well as the further training of the employees and other topics in more depth.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sonnenallee 225 12057 Berlin Germany

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