Zhejiang Export Fair Osaka

Zhejiang Export Fair Osaka (Zhejiang Export Fair Osaka)

Physical Exhibition
Wed, Sep 14 2022 - Fri, Sep 16 2022
INTEX Osaka Osaka
Zhejiang Export Fair Osaka is a trade fair, which has introduced many apparel and textiles, fashion, interiors, lifestyle miscellaneous goods, etc., mainly in China and other Asian countries. It has been introducing various items such as apparel & textiles, fashion, interior and lifestyle miscellaneous goods.
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Yubinbango559-0034 Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Suminoe-ku, NankOkita, 1 Chome-1-5-102, Japan


An exhibition and business meeting that introduces all lifestyle-related items such as apparel & textiles, miscellaneous goods, and gifts from Zhejiang Province, China. This year, which marks the 14th time, we will propose products and styles that match the new lifestyle of the future, with the theme of “New Life, New Style, New Culture, from here”.

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