Hagen symposium

Hagen symposium (FPM)

Physical Exhibition
Thu, Nov 24 2022 - Fri, Nov 25 2022
Stadthalle Hagen Hagen
The event will talk about technology development through technical community work, especially in research and development within the framework of the Community Committee for powder metallurgy and in the working group carbide.
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wasserloses Tal 2 Hagen, Germany


Hagen Symposium 2021 (not 2020)

The 39th Hagen Symposium to be held from November 25 to 26, 2021, Stadhall Hagen

Powder metallurgy- Sustainable solutions and new markets

The main challenges of energy transition and changes in transportation technology require new technological solutions, in which sustainability is becoming more and more important. Powder metallurgy is undoubtedly facing major challenges, but there are also many opportunities for new products and innovative and sustainable solutions for existing products, especially applications in new markets. Therefore, the 39th Hagen Symposium takes "Powder Metallurgy-Sustainable Solutions and New Markets" as the theme, specifically discussing areas where powder metallurgy technology and material solutions can provide answers to new market needs. The participants of the 39th Symposium are scientists and students from the fields of physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry and chemistry. Process and material technology and energy technology.

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