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Lasers are used in a wide range of industries, especially in processing. The entire laser processing industry is currently moving in the direction of high power, ultra-short pulse, and intelligence.
Welcome to COMFORGEThe Indian Forging Industry has made rapid strides and currently, not only meets almost all the domestic demand, but has also emerged as a large exporter of forgings mostly due to an increase in demand from the Europe & North American Markets.In the western region alone there are around 147 forging units, which account for an annual...
The aerospace industry has always been a key development industry in all countries in the world. In addition to strict quality system certification and highly complex integration technology, it also has the characteristics of high added value and high industry relevance, which makes all countries take the development of the aerospace industry as a national industry.
Sintering refers to the transformation of powdery materials into dense bodies, which is a traditional process.
Powder injection molding (PIM), including metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM), is a one-shot molding technology that combines high throughput and high precision. This technology has been widely used in many industries to produce various precision parts.
Metal Injection Molded (MIM) is a high-tech near-net-shape technology that combines traditional powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding processes.
In the process of metal processing, metal working fluid provides cooling and lubricating effects for various processing operations to ensure the accuracy and quality of the workpiece surface and prolong tool life.
An exclusive trade platform for powder metallurgy industryShanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition & Conference demonstrates a number of iconic cutting-edge new material innovations and typical applications. After 13 years of elaborate construction and tempering, it has become an optimal platform for technical exchanges, product demonstrations and trade negotiations.
HighlightsTaiwan's Only Exhibition Dedicated to the Metal IndustLeading Trade Fair for Metal Working Industry in Asia Pacific.Shaping The Future of Metal Fabrication