Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (Thailand)

Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (Thailand) (SMEX)

Physical Exhibition
Wed, Sep 16 2020 - Fri, Sep 18 2020
Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok
Smart SMEX 2020

China Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Brand Show (Thailand) jointly with Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (Thailand) and Metal + Metallurgy (Thailand)

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
88 Bangna-Trad(KM.1) Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand


Exhibit Profile:
Industrial Automation
  • Electric Drive: Industrial motors, Servomotors, Small motors for general application, Special design small motors, Electrical drive control system, Electric motors components, etc.
  • Electrical engineering: Control systems, Measuring and testing technology, Wireless automation, Industrial image processing, Testing equipment, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering: Automation assembly line, Mechanical arm, Intelligent production, Assembly equipment and technology for automobiles, Aircraft, Ships, High-end machinery manufacturing, etc.
  • Robot technology: Welding Robots, Painting robots, Assembly robots, Cartesian coordinate robot, Other industrial robots.
  • Instruments and meters: Intelligent instruments, Transmitter, Control valves, Sensors, etc.
Motion & Drives
  • Bearing: Bearing and bearing components, Bearing Production and Processing Equipment and accessories, etc.
  • Mechanical drive: Gear drive, Chain drive, Belt drive, Drive coupling, Spring
  • Linear motion system: Linear guide rail, Linear motion drive elements/system, Electromechanical Brake Device
  • Hydraulic technology: Hydraulic pump, Hydraulic motor, Hydraulic cylinder,Hydraulic Driving Device, etc.
  • Pneumatic technology: Cylinder, Pneumatic motor, Pneumatic valve, Pneumatic components, Hose and joint, Driver and others
  • Sealing technology: Rotary shaft seal, Stem guide seal,Mechanical seal, Plastic Seals and Materials, etc.
Machine Tools & Metalworking
  • Lathe, Drilling machine, Boring machine, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Machining center, Flexible Machining Units and Systems, Gear Processing Machine Tool, Planning machine, Slotting machine, Sawing machine, Various kinds of forming and finishing machine tools, Plate shearing machine, Punching press machines, Sheet metal forming machines, Press machine, etc. Various kinds of measuring and cutting tools, etc.
  • Various Kinds of accessories of Machine tools, Mould, fixtures, welding equipment and materials, etc.
  • Electrical System of Machine Tool, Control system, Lubrication and cooling system, etc.
  • Hand tools, Electric tools, Cutting Tools, Design and Software for Machinery and Metal Processing, etc.
Foundry &Metallurgy
  • Castings
  • Foundry equipments
  • Foundry materials
  • Foundry moulds and Patterns
  • Foundry jigs and fixtures
  • Casting machine tool equipment
  • Automation equipments and peripheral equipments
  • Environmental protection equipment
  • Clean production and waste treatment
  • Safe operation and environment
  • Foundry technology
  • Computer applications
  • Special robots for foundry
  • Energy-saving technology and equipment
  • Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw material
  • Pouring of molten steel
  • Steel products, products of non-ferrous metals, ferroalloy, refractory materials
  • Others about casting
Die Casting &Non-ferrous Alloys and Special Casting
  • Die casting
  • Die casting machine
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Wheel hub
  • Alloy and auxiliary material
  • Die casting island and robots
  • Post treatment equipment
  • Die and Tooling & fixture
  • Gravity casting Technology and equipment
  • Low pressure casting Technology and equipment
  • Differential pressure,extrusion and semisolid casting technology and equipment
  • Others about die casting
Thermal Process & Smelting Technology and Equipment
  • Various advanced efficient energy saving and environmental protection furnaces
  • Refractory and insulation material for furnaces
  • Waste heat recovery equipment
  • Furnace auxiliary equipment
  • Furnace instrument and automatic control system
  • Others about industrial furnace

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