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HighlightsGFIA is the largest showcase of sustainable agricultural innovations in the world.GFIA attracts decision makers from 100+ countries right across the food value chain.Be a part of this major expo with adjoining conferences like Cold Chain Expo, Apiarab Expo and more.
HighlightsMeet with 20,000 professional visitors from both online & offlineGet in sign of Asia agriculture industry
The Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair is pleased to announce it will be returning May 28-29, 2022, after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back for additional updates.
With the development of digital technology and the impact and challenges of climate change, the smart agriculture application market has gradually grown in recent years.
What is AGRI WEEK OSAKA?Japan's leading agriculture technology show!AGRI WEEK OSAKA is Japan's leading trade show for all kinds of agricultural materials and technologies. The show consists of 4 shows: 4th Int'l Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Osaka (AGRITECH OSAKA), 4th Next Generation Agriculture Expo Osaka (AGRINEXT OSAKA), 4th Farmers’ Processing Expo Osaka (...
Non-woven fabrics have been produced since the early stages of the petrochemical industry. During this time, non-woven fabrics were only used for their softness and bulkiness in packaging, covering, and filling. Due to the rapid development of material science, the application scope of non-woven fabrics has expanded to various fields of industry and commerce, civil engineering, medical treatment, agriculture and environmental engineering. Its existence can be seen everywhere, especially in its very early uses in agriculture.
Food safety issues have always been the focus of social concern, and various countries and organizations have also put forward relevant food safety regulations and testing standards to ensure the health and safety of food processing and food processing technology engaged with it.