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AJS Promotions is pleased to bring to bring you news of the Q8 Oils Cavan Farm Machinery Show on the 1st and 2nd February 2017, ideally located in the Cavan Equestrian Centre. Well over 200 exhibitors are preparing to showcase their new and innovative products and services at one of Ireland's longest running and best established indoor farm shows.The opening hours are specifically...
Environmentally friendly green building materials refer to materials that have the smallest load on the earth's environment and are harmless to human health in the recycling cycle from raw material manufacturing to application to use.
Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in the production process of crop planting and animal husbandry, as well as in the initial processing and processing of agricultural and animal products.
The era of AI smart agriculture is coming, and whether enough data can be collected to train robots to solve the problem of automated harvesting will be the key to digital transformation.
HighlightsGFIA is the largest showcase of sustainable agricultural innovations in the world.GFIA attracts decision makers from 100+ countries right across the food value chain.Be a part of this major expo with adjoining conferences like Cold Chain Expo, Apiarab Expo and more.