Traditional fossil fuel (e.g. oil or gas) power plants are often built near cities to facilitate the delivery of electricity; however, a super grid is a wide-area transmission network that connects multiple different types of power generation systems in a long-distance power transmission setup, thereby increasing the power transmission distance and facilitating the transmission of renewable energy. According to the Greenpeace report, by 2030, the super grid in Europe can make the EU renewable energy use 45%. As the world strives to reach the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, the application of the super grid concept may be one solution.
Arm-based processors are an alternative to the mainstream x86 processor architecture. They used to be the market leader in mobile devices, and now they are gradually appearing in server and data center products.
The "decentralization" of the blockchain has many advantages, but it does not mention its shortcomings. In fact, "decentralization" and "centralization" have their own advantages and disadvantages, so "using both" is a more feasible way, why?
Supply chain carbon emissions are 11.4 times greater than operational carbon emissions. Therefore, if companies are to move towards net zero, the effectiveness of supply chain carbon reduction will be an important key. However, supply carbon reduction faces two major problems: inconsistent calculation methods and low data transparency.
Green finance is a financial activity that can bring a positive impact on the environment. With the prevalence of ESG, it has become a clear learning that companies must invest resources. What should we do? What opportunities are there?
Taiwan's hand tool industry is well-known in the world and once created the title of the screw kingdom. At present, the hand tool industry is faced with the challenges of the international situation, lack of manpower, exchange rate and other factors, coupled with the rise of emerging countries and the same industry in mainland China, what should they do to deal with the chaotic situation?
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Explore the trend of the future biomedical industry. The medical system of the future will be very different from today's medical system. It's a new future medical vision. Industry will all participate in a change, and move towards a user-centered medical system.
With the rapid development of science and technology, the imminent depletion of fossil fuels and the increasingly serious environmental pollution caused by the improvement of living standards, all countries attach great importance to the development of renewable and sustainable clean energy from the sun and wind. However, for these intermittent renewable clean energy sources, good energy storage systems and devices are very important. Based on mass production and environmental protection and green concepts, the new generation of energy storage devices must meet the requirements of low-cost manufacturing process, low-polluting and recyclable materials, safe device operation, and long service life.
Data silos are collections of information isolated from an organization that are not readily accessible by every level of the company. Solving the problem of data silos is expensive and time-consuming for enterprises, but the solution is relatively simple. Once you get rid of data silos, you can access the right information at the right time to help you make informed business decisions. Eliminating data silos also reduces information storage costs and duplication of information.