Industry 4.0 has always been a topic of concern. Among them, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the important cores connecting the entire system, and it has a wide range of applications. It has related applications from cities to home life. Many people may think that the IoT is related to themselves. It is very far away, but in fact, there are many applications of the IoT in life, but most people may not realize it because they do not understand it, so this article will share what the IoT is and its application in life.
The machine tool is an indispensable tool in the production of industrial parts. For a long period of time, it needs to be manually operated step by step. With the advancement of science and technology, computer technology has been integrated into production, and CNC machine tools have been produced. This new type of equipment greatly improves the production efficiency, freeing people from the production process, and the automatic operation of the machine can be realized by inputting the program. Many factories and companies use CNC machine tools. It has high precision and can produce parts that cannot be made by traditional machine tools. It is one of the preferred manufacturing equipment for many processing industries.
The growth of the electric vehicle market in 2021 exceeds expectations, reviewing several major events in 2021, and sorting out the key trends worth watching in 2022.
Plastic products are common in our daily living, such as the 3C products we use every day "mobile phone, computer shell", "computer keyboard"; daily household items "fresh-keeping box", "portable water bottle"; plastics are used in automobile and locomotive shell panels”, “furniture”, etc. The extent to which plastic materials are widely used is closely related to our daily living. What does plastic injection have to do with us? We would like to discuss what points should be paid attention to in plastic injection molding, and what processes are required for injection molding to produce the general the products we see in the markets? Let's find out!
Casting is most commonly used to create complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult or uneconomical to make using other methods. Metal casting processes have been known for thousands of years, and have been widely used for creating sculptures, jewelry, transportation, weapons, and tools.
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Over the last several years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has drummed up excitement among IT and business alike. It promises a bright future of humans leveraging robots to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing themselves up for more creative work. But, what RPA really is, it’s worth a reality check.
Let’s explore the different types of Edge Computing and their amazing applications in a real-world scenario. Edge computing is a type of data processing in which data is distributed throughout decentralized data centers, while some information is maintained locally, at the “edge.” There’s no need to ask a remote data center for approval. Data can be deployed offline by local devices using less bandwidth usage. Is this a way to move forward when we have the benefits of Cloud Computing? Will Edge Computing be able to make a mark in the industry?
Blockchain, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing. Blockchain is an especially promising and revolutionary technology because it helps reduce risk, stamps out fraud and brings transparency in a scalable way for myriad uses.
For many people working in hazardous environments and confined spaces, the correct respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is critical to maintaining health and safety and protecting lives. Respiratory protective equipment is indispensable protection.
Machine learning is considered to be the application of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is a scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that gives computer systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience and to perform a specific task without being explicitly programmed. Data science is a broad field that includes the processes of capturing of data, analyzing, and deriving insights from it. On the other hand, data mining is mainly about finding useful information in a dataset and utilizing that information to uncover hidden patterns. A few machine learning and data science start-ups are rounded up in this article worth keeping an eye on.
A textile machine is any one of the machines used for taking natural fibers or chemical fibers and making them into textiles. Different fibers like cotton, hemp, hair, etc., have different kinds of processing required to change them into textiles, therefore a variety of different “textile machines” are used to perform these processes.
This may seem like a simple question, but that confuses many people. It is also, one of the most popular issues discussed on Quora. So, we are going to delve into this question and see if we can shed some the light on the main differences between IT and Telecommunications.
The global chip shortage, now dragging into its second year, has shaken the electronics industry to its core, crimping the world's ability to build everything from cars to consumer goods and raising prices, and there are a lot of variables complicating the recovery.
From cars to computers, coffee machines to children’s toys, almost everything we use on an everyday basis is produced by manufacturers. So manufacturing is often described as a key building block of society. Manufacturing has evolved over the centuries, from human-centered methods to machine-reliant assembly lines to the highly automated factories we’re beginning to see more of today. As industry continues to evolve, numerous trends are combining to transform manufacturing. These quickly developing new trends have emerged so fast that they have been referred to as “Industry 4.0.”
Governments are actively promoting the development of regional semiconductor supply chains. AI combines emerging technologies and applications such as the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, and compound semiconductors to drive the growth momentum of the semiconductor industry.
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In a very simply sense, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a variety of technologies that facilitate communications. ICT is often used to describe the convergence of several technologies, and the use of common transmission lines and communication formats to transfer diverse data types.
As we head into 2022, with the semiconductor industry still dealing with the global ripple effects of the chip shortage, there are several other key trends dramatically shifting the landscape of this industry. In this post, we’ll take a look at these trends and discuss what we can expect over the coming year.
The effectiveness of health care systems is highly dependent on the use of advanced, cutting-edge solutions. With increased public interest, involvement, and funding, the health care industry has become more and more open to new technologies. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in healthcare seems to be a natural fit. These technologies offer viable solutions to many of the challenges facing health care systems, including numerous diverse opportunities for implementation in areas such as general diagnostics and medical training.