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Svenska Maskinmässan is a machine fair where all exhibitors are members of the trade association MaskinLeverantörerna. See the latest news in the industry, try machines, dig, load and experience a working machine fair! Who exhibits? The fair has over 100 booked exhibitors, all of them are members of the trade association MaskinLeverantörerna. This ensures safe and qualitative bu...
Reverse engineering is a technical process. That is to conduct reverse analysis and research on a project target product, to deduce and obtain the design elements such as the product's processing flow, organizational structure, functional performance specifications, etc., to produce products with similar functions.
The gearbox has the function of deceleration. Compared with ordinary gears, it has the advantages of a large reduction ratio and compact installation position.
Manufacture all related machinery and design, replace manpower with mechanization, fully reduce personnel costs and increase efficiency, the upstream part is mostly component suppliers, the downstream is the manufacture of terminal machinery products, most of them are engaged in industrial machinery, responsible for assisting other industries in manufacturing and work.
The Metaverse is bringing virtual gamers to a wireless sci-fi vision with an infinite number of virtual worlds. However, you will find some transformation and benefits in how manufacturers can be more productive in the digital and physical worlds.
Many people do not understand the mold, what is the mold? A mold is a production tool that can produce parts with certain shape and size requirements. That is to say, the molds that people usually say, such as the casings of TV sets, telephones, plastic barrels and other commodities, are produced by injecting plastic heating software into the molds for cooling and molding. Any commodity is made with molds. It can be said that there is no production of products without molds.
Investing and setting up factories in Latin America is part of the global supply chain, which can supply the North American or European markets nearby.
In recent years, CSR and ESG have become more and more frequently heard among international companies and listed OTC companies, and their evaluation scores have been increasingly valued by supply chains and consumers, and have also become one of the evaluation indicators for corporate cooperation and financial financing. In addition to the manufacturing industry that needs to abide by the regulations, and the disclosure of corporate governance information and CSR corporate social responsibility reports, together with the service industry, catering and food industry, financial industry, real estate construction industry, hospitals and government agencies in colleges and universities, etc., global SMEs, listed companies have also stepped up to contribute to "sustainable development".
Digital manufacturing is an execution system that connects all manufacturing processes and combines digital tools with manufacturing processes.
In recent years, the extreme climate has intensified and the natural disasters have continued to be tragic. People all over the world have seen it, and related carbon reduction issues have resurfaced. Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, and Carbon Negative have become Popular keywords of the year, but do you really understand?
Engaging in quantitative observation cannot rely solely on human senses, such as vision, hearing, touch, etc., and often requires tools, that is, measuring instruments. Measurement refers to the numerical representation of the size of a manufactured object based on a certain standard (unit).
Among the superhard materials, diamond is a kind of superhard material, and the other is cubic boron nitride. After a series of processing and processing procedures, the two superhard materials can be made into various tools and directly used to make various functional devices, which are collectively referred to as superhard material products. Here we focus on one of them - diamond grinding tool.
Planetary reducer has been in existence for more than 30 years. During this long period of time, planetary reducer only appeared in high-end equipment in Europe and America. But, now automation is the trend, and planetary reducer has been widely used in machine tools, semiconductors, and packaging industries, medical food industry, aerospace, and other fields in recent years. High, medium and low power servo motors with planetary reducers have become standard. What are the applications and advantages of planetary reducers? This article will let you know more about planetary reducers.
The term MRO is an acronym that stands for maintenance, repair, and operations. The term is used to describe the set of operations and activities that are associated with the upkeep of a plant or facility which can include the physical maintenance of the structure or building, the systems that operate within the facility, and the equipment used to produce the plant or facility’s primary business output.
What does BOM management mean? What are the purposes? In manufacturing management information systems, BOM is often mentioned. BOM is the "Bill of Materials", also known as the product structure table. The Bill of Materials refers to the list of parts and components required for the product and its structure.
A mold is a production tool that can produce parts with certain shape and size requirements. In industrial production, various presses and special tools installed on the press are used to make metal or non-metallic materials into parts or products of the desired shape through pressure. Such special tools are collectively referred to as molds.
The iron and steel industry are an industrial industry mainly engaged in industrial production activities such as ferrous metal mineral mining and selection and ferrous metal smelting and processing. Including metal iron, chromium, manganese, and other minerals mining and dressing industry, ironmaking industry, steel processing industry, ferroalloy smelting industry, and other sub-sectors. It is one of the country's important raw material industries.
Elmia Machine Tools postponed until 2022.Health and safety are the highest priority at Elmia – exhibitors, visitors and personnel alike. Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the Swedish government has decided to halt all general assemblies and public events involving more than 500 people.Elmia will respect this decision, and we have therefore decided, in consultat...