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Each production facility has its maximum theoretical capacity, which must be achieved without any disturbance and quality loss. Of course, it is impossible to achieve completely zero loss or error in actual production. OEE is an independent measurement tool used to express the ratio of actual production capacity relative to theoretical capacity, grouped by key elements of availability, performance, and quality index.
Calibration is a quantitative comparison. Check the reading of the instrument, it is achieved by measuring the actual standard part, and the deviation between the measured value and the actual value is corrected.
Both lean and agile manufacturing emphasizes leveraging market knowledge, integrating supply chains, and reducing product lead times.
The new generation of HMI will replace traditional buttons, indicators and selectors with updated technology and components, reduce the dependence on a large number of display panels and cables, and reduce operating costs through advanced HMI functions to enhance monitoring of equipment.
About the Show Japan's Largest* Show for All Industrial Adhesion & Bonding Technologies! The show gathers advanced adhesive and bonding technologies for automobile, electronics, construction, etc. It is held twice a year in Osaka and Tokyo.
WELCOME TO CMTS! For more than 40 years, the CMTS audience from within Canada’s leading industries including automotive and aerospace have come together to source solutions and knowledge from the global leaders in machine tools and tooling, metalworking, and advanced manufacturing.
Precision machining is a process of changing the dimensions or properties of a workpiece with a machine to shape large pieces of material into more precise parts, so that they can meet very exact specifications.
The Smart Machinery Cloud Platform intends to establish standardized terminal software and hardware, application service development tools, and an operation platform to assist enterprises in their digital transformation.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and its rapid global spread, the assembly of electronic products will not be connected due to the city blockade, resulting in chaos and link problems in the industrial supply chain. As a result, the global auto parts, semiconductor, and electronics industries are exposed to highly uncertain risks. To this end, the global supply chain is an issue that everyone re-examines.
The great gathering of the maintenance and process of industrial fluids and gases in Algeria! Following the undisputed success of its first edition, the Maintenance Algeria trade fair co-organized with the pumps & valves Algeria trade fair returns for a richer and more impressive second edition. two complementary exhibitions for a single objective: to support the rise of industrial power i...
The latest trends and developments for the optimization of your production process. At Maintenance you will find exhibitors active in the fields of: industrial maintenance technologies, instrumentation, software and asset management & field services. Maintenance Gorinchem, in combination with Worksafe, the trade fair for safe & healthy work, forms a unique platform in the Nether...
What is CVF OFF Highway 2020?CVF Off Highway will discuss the industry trends, developments and issues facing the Indian Off Highway equipment markets, such as Agriculture, Industrial, Construction, Earthmoving and Mining.Commercial Vehicle Forum (CVF), a unique independent platform for conversations around issues of top concern to senior executives across the CV industr...
FLORIDA FLYWHEELERS ANTIQUE ENGINE CLUB The Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club is a non-profit organization, founded in 1972, to promote interest in restoring, preserving and exhibiting antique internal combustion engines, steam engines, antique tractors and autos and other labor saving devices from the by-gone years. This was done by members hosting shows at their homes and farms...
The development of new technologies of the Internet of Things has brought the whole world into the era of the Internet of Things, which is a new era that is more intelligent than the information age. In the process of developing the Internet of Things, smart sensors play an indispensable role.
Most of the transmission components used in the feed system used in precision machinery today use ball screws and linear slide rails, which can bring excellent feed positioning accuracy to the linear transmission. In fact, "transmission components" are not only "ball screws" or "linear slides", but the real "transmission components", because they are not only related to manufacturing, but also appear in life all the time.
With the rapid development of emerging industries such as the Internet of Things and mobile Internet. Smart sensors are composed of sensing elements, and signal conditioning circuit controllers, and have data acquisition, conversion, analysis, and even decision-making functions. Intelligence can improve the accuracy of the sensor, reduce power consumption and volume, and achieve easier networking, thereby expanding the application range of the sensor and making its development more rapid and effective.
In 2022, the series of VIMF will be held throughout the 3 regions of South, Middle and North of Vietnam in Binh Duong, Da Nang and Bac Ninh with the participation of domestic and international enterprises with the largest scale ever now on. VIMF 2022 is an international industrial exhibition in the form of a roadmap held in the Industrial Complex and we connect supplies of machinery, pa...
Industry determines the scale and level of national economic modernization, plays a leading role in the contemporary world national economy, and is the fundamental guarantee for national economic independence, political independence, and national defense modernization. The industry is divided into two categories: The sector that provides means of production is called heavy industry, and the sector that produces means of consumption is called light industry.