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The effects of Industry 4.0 in many industries have already been seen, with improvements to existing value propositions emerging, or entirely new ones being developed. In aviation, digital technology has already fundamentally changed the airline industry landscape.
Aerospace components must guarantee personnel safety and facilitate the optimal performance of high-precision instruments and machines.
A civil aircraft flying in the sky has Taiwan-made parts in the 90s; many international airlines have aircraft that have been modified and repaired by Taiwan. Taiwan aerospace industry is booming. With the next 20 years, there will be a global aerospace business opportunity of US$6 trillion.
In recent years, driven by the internationalization of enterprises and the quality of aviation services, the turnover of air passengers has shown steady growth. The estimated average annual growth rate of air transportation in the next 20 years is 4.7%, and Taiwan's aviation industry output value has maintained a steady growth trend in the past 10 years.
The spraying technology process has a wide range of applications, including industries such as steel, printing, aerospace, optoelectronics, corrosion protection, and petrochemicals.