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Capacitors are used in AC circuits and pulse circuits. In DC circuits, capacitors generally play the role of blocking DC.
The AC voltage is stepped down to the proper AC voltage through a transformer.
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Electronic components are the basic components combined together to make complete electronic products. Understanding the functions, types, structures, and properties of commonly used electronic components is fundamental to understanding electronic technology.
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Manufacture all related machinery and design, replace manpower with mechanization, fully reduce personnel costs and increase efficiency, the upstream part is mostly component suppliers, the downstream is the manufacture of terminal machinery products, most of them are engaged in industrial machinery, responsible for assisting other industries in manufacturing and work.
Passive components are components found in electronic products that consume rather than generate energy, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Trillions of these common basic components are manufactured every year. They are cheap to manufacture, and can be produced using a large variety of materials. Most are general-purpose types, but some are specially designed for niche markets.