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In recent years, CSR and ESG have become more and more frequently heard among international companies and listed OTC companies, and their evaluation scores have been increasingly valued by supply chains and consumers, and have also become one of the evaluation indicators for corporate cooperation and financial financing. In addition to the manufacturing industry that needs to abide by the regulations, and the disclosure of corporate governance information and CSR corporate social responsibility reports, together with the service industry, catering and food industry, financial industry, real estate construction industry, hospitals and government agencies in colleges and universities, etc., global SMEs, listed companies have also stepped up to contribute to "sustainable development".
In recent years, the extreme climate has intensified and the natural disasters have continued to be tragic. People all over the world have seen it, and related carbon reduction issues have resurfaced. Net Zero, Carbon Neutral, and Carbon Negative have become Popular keywords of the year, but do you really understand?
With the rise of global awareness of environmental protection, the development of new energy sources to replace the old power generation methods has become one of the important development goals of governments in various countries. One of the least polluting methods of generating electricity is with solar energy.
The world attaches great importance to carbon reduction initiatives, and the EU promotes a policy of carbon emission tariffs which will affect the global business economy.
South Korea is a country lacking natural resources. Its economic development is export-oriented, and its industrial structure is dominated by heavy chemical industries. The five major industries, including automobiles, shipbuilding, semiconductors, steel, and smartphones, earn a lot of foreign exchange for the country's economic growth.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered. A joint report with the European Union’s EIT Health explores how it can support improvements in care outcomes, patient experience, and access to healthcare services.
Green Manufacturing, also known as environmentally conscious manufacturing, is a manufacturing model that considers environmental impact and benefits.