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APEX/IFSA EXPO is the most comprehensive industry marketplace where airline CEOs, executives and decision makers share unique insight and meet with the top exhibitors demonstrating the latest innovation and technology that shapes the future of the end-to-end passenger experience.
WELCOME TO CMTS! For more than 40 years, the CMTS audience from within Canada’s leading industries including automotive and aerospace have come together to source solutions and knowledge from the global leaders in machine tools and tooling, metalworking, and advanced manufacturing. Attend CMTS provides attendees from all walks of manufacturing an experience they never fo...
The avionics system, also known as the aircraft mission system, refers to the sum of all electronic systems on the aircraft and is a general term for various electronic devices required to ensure that the aircraft completes the scheduled tasks and achieves various specified performances.
Saudi International Airshow connects the Aviation and Aerospace industry to Saudi Arabia.This event provides the perfect platform to learn, network and conduct business across all areas of the industry and promote successful worldwide trade.The outstanding Saudi International Airshow as one of the key events within the aviation & aerospa...
Turbochargers are often used to increase the intake air volume of an internal combustion engine, thereby increasing horsepower output.
Turbine blades are an important component of the turbine section in a gas turbine engine. The high-speed rotating blades are responsible for drawing high-temperature and high-pressure air into the burner to maintain the engine's work.
The aerospace industry has always been a key development industry in all countries in the world. In addition to strict quality system certification and highly complex integration technology, it also has the characteristics of high added value and high industry relevance, which makes all countries take the development of the aerospace industry as a national industry.
The aviation industry has always been equipped with strict quality system certification and highly complex integration technologies. All countries in the world regard the aviation industry as an indicator of national industrial technical capabilities.
It is a large category of aircraft, which refers to any machine that obtains aerodynamic lift-off flight through the relative motion of the fuselage and the air.