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The global increase in environmental consciousness has resulted in a shift for bicycles from primarily sporting and recreational roles to becoming popular modes of commuting. Notably, the rising adoption of electric bicycles is driven by factors such as an aging population, contributing to a significant upsurge in the global production of electric bicycles in recent years.
Carbon fiber has ushered in a remarkable transformation within the bicycle industry, redefining the boundaries of performance and durability. However, not all carbon fiber products are created equal, with some falling short due to inferior materials and subpar manufacturing processes. In this landscape, Bevato International Corp., a pioneering Taiwan-based bicycle parts manufacturer, has emerged as a beacon of excellence, harnessing carbon fiber technology to craft exceptional cycling accessories that redefine the riding experience.
Global environmental awareness is rising, and bicycles have gradually changed from sports and leisure functions to commuting means. Among them, electric bicycles have been fueled by an aging population, which has led to a substantial increase in the global output of electric bicycles in recent years.
E-bikes have become a topic of concern in the industry in recent years, and Taiwan's E-bike exports have shown year-on-year growth in terms of shipments and export value.
After experiencing many times of technological innovations, energy crises, and the rise of environmental awareness, the bicycle industry has also followed the trend and changed.
In 2020, having brought 285 exhibitors and 108,485 visitors together from all around the world. The most comprehensive event of the motorcycle and bicycle industry, Motobike Istanbul will be organized for the 13rd time between February 25-28, 2021.New season models will be on display for the first time at Motobike Istanbul, organized by Messe Frankfurt Istanbul with the support of...