Electric discharge machining is a kind of special machining technology, which is widely used in mold manufacturing and machining industries. Electrical discharge machining can be used to machine superhard materials and workpieces with complex shapes that are difficult to machine with traditional cutting methods. It is usually used to machine materials that conduct electricity. It can machine complex materials such as titanium alloys, tool steels, carbon steels, and hard alloys. cavities or contours.
Machine tools refer to power devices used to process work pieces and are important equipment in the manufacturing process of mechanical parts. Machine tools are generally used for forming, cutting, and joining other tools.
The principle of electrical discharge machining is simply a thermal processing method that converts electrical energy into heat energy of the work piece to quickly melt the work piece.
Industrial manufacturing requires machining tolerances. EDM machine can cut metal through electric current.
There are some differences between the general EDM machine and wire-cut electrical discharge machining. Different processing technologies are applied to different industrial manufacturing needs.
Spark erosion machine is a type of EMD machine. It is precision-machined by releasing current. It is an industrial manufacturing process.
Before getting to know EDM machine, start with understanding the type of EDM machine, including wire EDM, sinker EDM, and hole drilling EDM, and perform metal cutting through electrical discharge machining.