Saw tool is a common hand tool, divided into hand saws and electric power saws, which facilitates our simple sawing needs. Among them, hand saws are divided into many different types, and suitable hand saw tools can be selected according to different needs.
Today’s feature-rich hand tools enable manual operations to be more efficient, comfortable, and safe, thereby increasing productivity, improving work quality, and reducing fatigue and wear.
With the development of weapons, machinery, and chemical industries, pneumatic tools have been widely used and developed.
Hand tools are mainly used in construction projects, home repairs, and automobile maintenance. Among them, power hand tools, have continued to increase in efficiency and convenience, and the market size has continued to expand in recent years. The overall demand for hand tools in the United States and the real estate market is showing positive growth.
One of the tools a mechanic must use is a caliper. Although not as accurate as a micrometer, the caliper is a convenient and practical tool that can help mechanics quickly measure parts and use the measurement results to evaluate subsequent processing.
A pneumatic tool is a device that uses compressed air from an air compressor as the power source for the tool. Pneumatic tools are very sturdy and because they do not use electricity, can be used in areas where the tool may be exposed to inflammable, explosive, dusty, or humid, harsh environments. Owing to their high stability, long working life, and easy maintenance, they are widely used in industrial fields.
The island's hand tool sector has a centralized industry hub located in central Taiwan, where big-name companies, along with small-and-medium enterprises and subcontractors across upstream and downstream supply chains, co-exist to fulfill the world's hand tool orders. International policies, along with manufacturing advantages, has helped the Taiwan hand tool industry reach sales of NTD$140 billion in 2021. The current trajectory indicates projected continued growth for at least another decade.
Tool coating is an important key to improving a tool’s life time. Choosing the right tool coating to match the different cutting conditions and methods can help extend tool life, and optimize production process.
A hand tool is any tool that uses hand force or twisting to power the tool, by rather than one powered by a motor. There are a variety of hand tools including screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and much more! Let’s find out!
When it comes to maintenance tools, many people strongly recommend electric tools. They come in many varieties, are easy to use, and have low prices, so are especially suitable for home use. There is another powerful and efficient category of tools that are widely used in the tool industry that operate by air pressure; pneumatic tools. So, what is the difference between the two, and how should one choose? Let’s compare.
To exert the cutting ability of the tool, the tool material needs to have significant progress and improvement. Various tool materials currently used have their characteristics to meet various processing requirements.
Hand tools can be divided into wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. according to their uses, which are used to assist the assembly, maintenance, or tightening and loosening needs of machines or objects.
Taiwan's hand tool industry is well-known in the world and once created the title of the screw kingdom. At present, the hand tool industry is faced with the challenges of the international situation, lack of manpower, exchange rate and other factors, coupled with the rise of emerging countries and the same industry in mainland China, what should they do to deal with the chaotic situation?
A wrench is a tool used to turn bolts, nuts, and other objects that are difficult to turn by hand. A wrench is a tool that uses the principle of leverage as its actuation mechanism.